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Murals and custom art

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Marin Mitrasinovic : Founder & Artist 

  I am originally from Croatia and have been raised in Gatineau, Québec. I always was passionate by Art.  It was in 2004 that I first discovered Graffiti for the first time and immediately asked my dad if I could try a spray can. Four years later, I was in High-School and developed an interest in Graffiti. That's where it all began! I completed my first mural in 2012 and will always be grateful to the Gatineau Graffiti Program for the opportunity they provided me .   Since then, I've been growing as an artist, perfecting my creations which have grown in size and character through a series of murals in collaboration with several artists in Gatineau / Ottawa. In november 2017 , I decided to launch KonceptArt, a company that offers a Mural and Custom Art service in order to have more murals in the  region and encourage our local Artists.