For a second year, gigantic frescoes will brighten up the sidewalks of Principale Street as part of the “ephemeral spaces” project launched in 2019. The ephemeral spaces aim to enhance and revitalize public spaces, while promoting local artists.

This year, the project is expanding, with the frescoes extending over a distance four to five times greater than last year. The work was entrusted to KonceptArt, a company which specializes in murals and custom art. The project is sponsored by Arts visuels de Gatineau (AVG) – formerly the Aylmer Arts Council. “Arts visuels de Gatineau is a proud partner of this public artwork. Arts accessible to all and the exposure of artists in the region are a mission that is close to our hearts and that is reflected in this beautiful project,” said AVG president Catherine GarciaCournoyer.